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Founded in 1991, Systems Finance Corporation (SFC) is a privately held financing company which specializes in providing leasing and financing services to state, local and federal governments and associated entities.

SFC focuses on government financing, and has mastered the subtleties of the business, just as you would expect any "specialist" to do. We have the expertise and flexibility to satisfy both large and small customers by offering versatile, creative and specialized financing tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.

SFC finances a wide variety of "essential use" equipment, ranging from high technology to real estate and offers our customers the flexibility of purchasing these items over the useful life of the asset involved.

SFC has an impressive track record of funding lease transactions in all government markets and advising vendors on the requirements of conducting business with those customers.

We are dedicated to building lasting, cooperative and problem solving relationships with each of our customers.  We strive to provide a single source of financing for all of your government financing needs.





Please contact us at:
Systems Finance Corporation
14125 Pinnacle Drive
Wichita, KS  67230
Ph: 316/733-6010    Fax: 316/733-6090