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There is an inherent advantage to any vendor who offers not only his products but also the means to acquire them.

Vendor financing can be said to be a partnership between a vendor and a financing source, designed to increase the sales of the vendor's products.  The logical reason for this partnership is as follows:

Within most organizations, the acquisition of a capital asset is decided from two perspectives:  Technological - will the equipment do the job? And Financial - will the use of the equipment generate an adequate return to justify the investment?  Each of these perspectives is equally important in arriving at the final decision.  Without the endorsement of both tiers of decision-makers, the sale will not close.  However, in most selling situations, the sales effort focuses only upon the technology, and the critical financial issues which must be resolved to obtain a purchase order are left to the prospect for resolution.

SFC can help you increase your government sales by incorporating the financing alternative into your government proposals.  The same feature/benefit approach used to achieve success in making the technological sale can then be implemented to successfully close the sale -- in a proactive rather than reactive manner.




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