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Government financing is a niche.  It takes specialized knowledge to handle the unusual terms and conditions of the federal marketplace, and for municipal business, each state, county, city and related entity has its own rules, statutes, regulations, and procedures for conducting procurements and financing acquisitions.  It is a full time job to keep abreast of the changing regulations.  But for the commercial leasing companies and captive leasing/financing arms of equipment dealers, the amount of business derived from the government market is usually only a few percentage points of their entire income.  The result is that it does not make economic sense for them to invest in developing and maintaining the internal expertise to conduct government business on a highly competent level.  Therefore, many commercial and captive leasing companies do not do government leasing at all -- or they try but often with less than satisfactory results.

Systems Finance Corporation can work with your organization on basic government financing procedures and provide you with the back office support you need to continue offering high-quality government leasing to your clients.  You can continue to support your clients and benefit by having an advisor to direct your efforts, all transparent to your customers.




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